February 22, 2022

Contact: Michael S. Sepcich, Esq.

Perennial state contender,
Zachary High School, has joined the
Knights’ LAK Summer Program for the
2022 summer. Zachary Baseball has a
deep winning tradition as a 3-time
Louisiana State Champion and has
won 11 district titles since 2005. The
Broncos are one of the more
respected baseball programs in
Louisiana and will be an excellent addition to the Knights’ LAK Program.

In discussing the focus of the Knights’ LAK Program, Knights President Jack
Cressend said the following, “we created our LAK Program with the vision to
partner with the very best high school programs in our region to work together for
the benefit of our players. Our experience has proven time-after-time that when
you put your players first everyone wins.” With respect to adding Zachary as an
LAK Partner, Cressend added, “Zachary is a program that we have had discussions
with on a few occasions and we are very excited to partner with Coach Jacob Fisher
and his program. Working together is so important in today’s baseball
environment and we are thrilled to add the Broncos to our LAK program. We look
forward to a long-term relationship and working side-by-side for the betterment of
our players.”

Zachary Head Baseball Coach Jacob Fisher had the following to say about
joining the Knights’ LAK Program, “deciding to be a part of the Knights was a
decision that will benefit our program on and off the field. They do a great job of
promoting their players to college coaches and on all social media platforms. We
are extremely excited to join the Knights and look forward to a great partnership.”
The Knights launched the LAK Summer Program five years ago to partner
with elite Louisiana High School Programs – to bridge the gap between high school
and select baseball. Zachary will join Barbe, Catholic, Live Oak, Mandeville, Brother
Martin, Hahnville, and Parkview Baptist High Schools to play its summer baseball
under the Knights’ umbrella. The LAK partners will all participate in the highly
recruited LAK Baseball Classic run by 2D Sports at the end of June 2022.

The Knights’ mission is to provide its players with all the necessary resources
to fully develop not only as baseball players but also as young men. Player
development is the organization’s central focus to guide players to become the best versions of themselves.

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