Chris McDougall – 9U

Chris was born and raised in Arabi, LA and attended Jesuit High School before signing with the LSU Tigers. Chris played for the Tigers from 2001-2005 earning all SEC academic honors and his bachelor of science in Kinesiology. Chris then went on to the University of St. Augustine for the health sciences where he recieved his doctorate of physical therapy in August 2008. Since graduating he has been the clinical director and an owner of Renew Physical Therapy for 10 years with two locations in Covington & Mandeville.
Professionally, Chris McDougall serves as a pitching coach and physical therapist to many athletes ranging from youth athletes to college pitchers. He has trained with multiple MLB teams including the Phillies, Mariners, and Indians to understand proper assessment and rehabilitation of the overhead athlete. His understanding of the musculoskeletal system as a whole allows for proper treatment of injuries and improving overall pitching mechanics to prevent further injury.
Chris is in the process of developing a comprehensive program to proactively attend to; muscular imbalance, deficiencies, and poor movement patterns before injuries develop.
Coach Chris has taken his experience from in the clinic and on the field to the 8U Knights. Just finishing the 2018-2019 season as head coach of the Knights which earned 3 championships, and 3 second place finishes out of 11 tournaments. Currently 8U AA OTC #1 ranked team 2018-2019.
Chris is a dedicated husband and father to his wife Karlie and their children Landon, Nolan, & Aubrey.